Gunshot Grange

Marci Sky, unemployed history professor, agreed to fill in as a bridesmaid for an estranged friend, but with ulterior motives. Secrets to her late grandmother's past may hide somewhere in her friend's home. Those secrets would add extra oomph to Marci's family memoirs, never before revealed in all the biographies of Marci's famous movie-star grandmother.

However, the tall, dark, and handsome Rick Kinslee gets in the way, protecting his own family from Marci's dangerously inquisitive mind. When sparks ignite something between them, will he become an ally in her search for the truth, or will the Grange's dark history endanger them both?

This contemporary romance has a gothic paranormal feel throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed the spooky setting, especially in the opening scene when Marci arrives on the doorstep of the darkened mansion in the middle of a storm. Her brooding hero reminds me of Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, but with a much more satisfying ending.

Hiestand's use of flashbacks is extraordinary and adds gems of history rich with description and vivid characters. The story unfolds slowly, revealing hidden bits, which add to the growing suspense.

I highly recommend curling up with a blanket on a stormy night to read this book.

Book Blurb for Gunshot Grange

Unemployed Chicago historian Marci Sky isn't looking forward to bridesmaid duty at her old friend's Washington State mansion. Her deceased movie star grandmother was born in the area though, and she's always wanted to solve the mystery surrounding her grandmother's youth.

Rick Kinslee is best man at his cousin's wedding. He'd rather focus on propping up his troubled company, but is distracted by the beautiful out-of-town visitor. When she, lonely and very attracted to him, offers him a one-night stand, he eagerly takes her up on it. Though she's as sexy as hell, he soon has reason to be suspicious of Marci's true motives in pursuing him.

But Marci is targeted in several minor crimes and soon the stakes are escalating. Could the Kinslee family have been involved in Marci's grandmother's tragedy? Can Marci find a new family and love after being set adrift from her former life? Lives and futures are at stake at Gunshot Grange.

Blush: This is a suggestive romance (love scenes are not graphic)

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00