Deep Encounter

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Deep Encounter

Seven Wonders of the World: Book 1

Exo-biologist, Samantha is dragged kicking and screaming to a space-ship like submarine. What frustrates her even more than having no clue what's going on, is that she's reunited with her ex-husband, Mike. Sexual tension abounds in the tight cockpit as they descend into watery depths to study creatures never before seen by human eyes.

In such a short story, it's tough to develop characters with depth, but Ash manages to give us an emotional back-story on Samantha's two failed marriages and unresolved feelings for Mike. Some of this back-story comes in the middle of an otherwise steamy sex scene.

The dialogue is a little clich‚ throughout, reminding me very much of the sci-fi movies Samantha references. (Thus, my overuse of fun clich‚s in the summary. :0)) However, I did enjoy the sci-fi setting Ash masterfully created. Great sci-fi creatures. Very creative.

The ending seemed rushed and a little too unbelievable between Samantha and Mike, but overall the story was enjoyable. I'd recommend it to readers of sci-fi and soft erotica. I look forward to reading more of Ash's creative works.

Book Blurb for Deep Encounter

First Prize Winner of Seven Wonders of the World Writing Contest

A kilometer beneath the surface, in the cold, dark ocean depths, world renowned exo-biologist Samantha Price and ex-lover Mike Leigh, pilot of a deep-sea submersible, come face to face with the Mimetai, a creature that knows nothing of humanity.

Hurled to the sea bottom, their submersible incapacitated by the Mimetai and with air running out, Samantha and Mike rekindle their love and by doing so, give themselves an unexpected chance at happiness and maybe even survival.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.00