Sexy Silent Nights

Forbidden Fantasies - Blaze, #655

Jonah, the owner of a high profile club, starts to get death threats so he hires a bodyguard: Cilla. She had a bad experience in the past where a client thought a little more than security made up her job so she tries to keep on task with Jonah, totally professional. Too bad she had a one night stand with Jonah so she already knows what it could be like to be with him.

I loved how Ms. Summers turned the bodyguard trope over by making the bodyguard in this scenario a woman. There are also clever mystery and holiday element in this book and it's difficult to fit everything into one book.

The characters are strong and memorable. I wouldn't hesitate to read another novel by Cara Summers. The pages fairly sizzle.

Book Blurb for Sexy Silent Nights

It never should've happened: club owner Jonah Stone was the best friend of Cilla Michaels's boss. But one look into his stormy gray eyes and the security specialist was all-in: a mind-blowing one-night fling in his sumptuous suite. No talking. No strings.

No such luck.

Because it turns out that Cilla's not the only one who's developed a taste for forbidden fruit. When Jonah starts receiving threats from a vengeful ghost of Christmas past, he hires Cilla on as a bodyguard.and makes no secret about how close he wants her to be. Of course, that makes him more forbidden than ever.

Still, a girl can only resist so much..

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.00