Bast's Perfume

Goddess Revealed, Book One

Bast's Perfume by Marisa Chenery was a fairly short read. Even though the length was short, this novelette was far reaching. The story of Bast and Slade had all the makings of a great paranormal romance; it contained great sensuality, magic, and some thrilling plot.

Don’t let the length of this book fool you, definitely worth the read.

Book Blurb for Bast's Perfume

Book Length: Quickie

Trapped in the immortal realm by a vengeful demon, Bast is finally freed when a human opens the ancient jar that binds her. But he is no ordinary human; he is her mate, a fact Bast tends to conceal—for her time in the mortal world is limited.

When a cat inexplicably appears the moment he opens the perfumed jar, Slade is bemused—then stunned when the cat morphs into a stunning goddess. Their attraction is immediate, their passion unstoppable. With each blazing sexual encounter, Slade’s in danger of losing his heart. But he could lose far more, for the demon is near, drawn ever closer by the lure of Bast’s perfume…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.00