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Nina is attracted to her boss, Zavier. Zavier has been avoiding a sexual relationship for many years and Nina is a threat to his abstinence. Impatient, she makes the first move, only to discover there is more to her lover than meets the eye. She wakes up tied to his bed after a night of pleasure only to discover he is what is known as an Incubus. A sex demon.

While this story is erotic, little character depth is found. The most we see is probably in the first conversation. Not a lot of history is told. I would have preferred more of a background on character.

Book Blurb for Sleepless


Nina has the hots for her boss, Zavier, and she's sick of waiting for him to make the first move. But her attempt at seduction leads to something she never would have expected when she wakes up tied to his bed.

Zavier has his share of secrets. Deep, dark secrets that would make Nina run if she only knew. He isn't the man Nina thinks he is. In fact, he isn't human at all. He's an incubus. Reformed. Non-practicing, that is. He's been trying to live like a normal human. Which would be a whole lot easier without temptation herself sharing his office.

Nina's a temptation Zavier's trying to fight. But what's a sex-demon to do when the woman of his dreams drops herself in his arms? He can only hope she won't regret her impetuousness once she learns the truth.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 2.00