The Intruders

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The Intruders

First of all, this book is EXTREMELY predictable, the little details were not thought out enough, things happen WAY too quickly, the characters are hardly described physically, and there are LOADS of typos.

This is by far one of the slowest books I have ever read. It did get better near the end and I appreciated the way the author brought to light a rare genetic condition.

If I were younger I probably would have enjoyed this, but I am not and I didn't.

I think the best age range for this book is 6-11 years old.

Please keep in mind that just because I did not enjoy this does NOT mean you won't; there is a person for every book and a book for every person. If it seems interesting to you I would recommend reading a sample of it before purchasing.

Book Blurb for The Intruders

Six Bronx teens were looking for excitement when they decided to explore a neighborhood cave. After tumbling off a ledge they fell into an adventure of a lifetime; they had time-traveled three centuries into the future! Here, the Bronx is a heavily wooded forest, unexplored by a tribe of people living there. The teens are soon accepted. However, within weeks they find themselves in the middle of a full-fledged war.

Another tribe living in Manhattan is bent on wiping out the tribe in the Bronx!

These teenagers have a unique advantage in this war. They know the land. Neither tribe is aware that there were, and still are, train tunnels running under the river from the Bronx to Manhattan. Neither knows that the old train tracks run North to South so are excellent travel guides. The tribe in the Bronx is even unaware of the wealth of treasure—metals, jewelry, etc. - buried in the rubble of what were once busy shopping strips in the Bronx. For the six teens, this becomes a true adventure. Yet, all too soon their adventure becomes too real. Friends and enemies are getting killed!

This was no longer fun. This was a fight for survival!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 2.50