Obsidian Mirror

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Obsidian Mirror

Chronoptika, #1

There is no question when it comes to Ms. Fisher's writing. It's great.

This book really takes us for a ride. There are MULTIPLE stunning reveals.

So why didn't I rate it higher, you ask?

Well, the characters didn't grow as much as I'd have liked.

And it really left a lot to be desired. It is the start of a new series, but I really prefer a book that can fill my hunger with each book and create new problems in the next.

Should you read it? Absolutely. This author isn't to be forgotten. Just wait until book two comes out so you can jump right in.

Book Blurb for Obsidian Mirror

The obsidian mirror. Its power is great and terrible. Men have been lost in it, the dead brought back to life through it, and the future annihilated by it. Or this is what will happen unless the mirror is destroyed. Three people seek the mirror: the first has been sent from the future to shatter its power; the second will protect the mirror at all costs, obsessed with its power; and the third needs the mirror to find a murdered father and save his life. But only one can succeed.

The mirror can send you to the past, but it will not bring you back.

With superb world-building that includes the real world, the faery world, and a dystopic future, this hauntingly astonishing adventure is the start of a new trilogy from the master of the sci-fi/fantasy genre, Catherine Fisher. Fans of Orson Scott Card, Shakespeare, Grimm, and Blade Runner won't be disappointed.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 3.50