Girls' Night Out

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Girls' Night Out

Faeriewalker Novella

For starters: I've been wanting to read a book by Jenna Black for a while now. So, I thought: why not start with a short story? You can get a taste for her writing, and if it's not to my taste at least it won't last long.

Well, I was pretty disappointed as soon as I started reading Girls’ Night Out. I strongly disliked the main character, Dana, for her lack of emotional strength and backbone.

But that's just the rotten icing on the moldy cake, right? I mean, there was not ONE twist! It was so predictable!

Overall, the main character is a wimpy idiot and the only surprise is that Black didn't even ATTEMPT a plot twist!

I'm so disappointed, because I was really hoping to like this book. It wasn't one that HURT me to read it, but it isn't one I'd read again.

Will I give Jenna Black another chance? I will, actually, provided my library has her book(s). The reason is: I understand that this was a short story, and I'm DYING to see if this author can pull out a plot twist and take us for a ride.

Book Blurb for Girls' Night Out

Dana is finally getting comfortable with her life as the only Faeriewalker in Avalon. She’s formed an alliance with the Erlking, a truce with the Queen of the Seelie Court, and best of all, no one’s tried to kill her for weeks.

Enter Althea - the teenage daughter of Mab, the Unseelie Queen. Dana knows from the moment she sets eyes on the wannabe Goth chick that Al is trouble, but she finds herself drawn to the wounded soul she glimpses beneath the Faerie glamour.

When Al asks Dana to take her into the mortal world to visit the human boyfriend her mother has driven away, Dana refuses, knowing that Queen Mab would hold her personally responsible if anything happened to her daughter. But Al is a Faerie princess, and she’s not used to taking no for an answer.

Will Dana ignore her common sense and risk the Unseelie Queen’s wrath to help her new BFF? And if not, just how far is Al willing to go to get her own way?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.00