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Choke is an oddly refreshing gem with a message.

The characters were younger than I'm used to, but they were very friendly and, by the end, are great influences to children and teens.

The story talks about the choking game, a game that I had never heard of before reading this. The author takes us through it and shows us some very bad things that can happen if you participate in it.

At first, I was worried that kids who had never heard of the choking game could learn about it from this book, and decide to participate in it. And I understand that some kids would. But most wouldn't after hearing what could happen. So I recommend it, hoping that the majority of kids these days are smart enough to not take part, and maybe even help people that they know who ARE taking part.

Oh, and there's a spice of Spanish-- which, though I'm not used to it, I absolutely adored.

Choke took me out of my comfort zone, but I'm glad I gave it a chance. It taught me about yet another danger in life, and now there is one more person in this world who will NOT let her friends partake in this activity. I hope you'll take the time to read it and join me.

Book Blurb for Choke

A heartfelt novel about the disturbing "choking game" trend -- and one girl's struggle for self-acceptance.

If she could -- if her parents would let her -- eighth-grader Windy would change everything about herself. She'd get highlights in her hair, a new wardrobe; she'd wear makeup. But nothing ever changes. The mean girls at school are still mean, and Windy's best friend Elena is still more interested in making up words than talking about boys.

And then one day, Windy gets the change she's been looking for. New girl Nina -- impossibly cool, confident, and not afraid of anyone -- starts hanging out with Windy! Nina even wants to be "breath sisters." Windy isn't sure what that means, exactly, but she knows she wants to find out. It sounds even better than a BFF.

Windy is right, at first. Being a breath sister gains her a whole new set of friends, girls she feels closer to and cooler with than anyone else. But her inclusion in the new crowd comes at a dangerous price. Windy wants to change everything about her life ... but is she really willing to give up everything in the process?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00