Worth Fighting For

Alpine Woods Shifters, #4

Misty has loved Cody from the first time she saw him. As leader of the fox skulk, he can have his pick of women. She’s had one failed attempt to get him to notice her as a woman, not as just friends. That turned into an almost hot night. Things change however when Misty is hurt, all of Cody's protective instincts kick in. He is surprised by his building attraction to his childhood friend. Should he give in to his desire for her? Or risk losing the best friend he has ever had. But when danger strikes Misty again, there is little doubt on what his fox wants to do.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between Misty and Cody. They have an easy going friendship that makes way for an intense and easy love. They have a love that often times takes a couple of years into a relationship to achieve.

Misty is a fun and lovable character. I laughed often with her antics and couldn’t see how anyone couldn’t like her. Cody is an alpha male, with little more sense of humor than most, which I found very refreshing. Overall I felt “Worth Fighting For” was a very good read with memorable characters who are very entertaining. The lead up to the Cody and Misty finally getting together was so worth the wait. When the two are together, sparks fly! The sex scenes are very detailed and hot, hot, hot!!! I want to go back and read the previous books in the series, because there are characters that I want to read about. I do feel you should read them in order, but I was able to enjoy the book without doing so.

The Alpine Woods Shifter Series | Artic Winds- Samantha/Jason | Chasing Paradise- Ethan/Gwen | The Wolf Within- Julie/Brendan | Worth Fighting For- Cody/Misty

Book Blurb for Worth Fighting For

All’s fair in love and war.

As leader of a fox skulk, Cody is used to feeling protective. But when his best friend, Misty, gets attacked, his panic has nothing to do with duty. Suddenly, he’s noticing Misty as a woman instead of the girl he grew up with. But pursuing those feelings would risk their friendship, something he's unwilling to do.

Misty's tried everything, without success, to convince Cody she's not "one of the guys". Yet now that he's looking at her like she always dreamed, he pulls away every time she gets close.

Danger lurks in the background, waiting to pounce. Someone plots against the foxes, leaving them all in jeopardy…especially Misty. Will Cody overcome his fears in time to save the woman he loves?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00