Wild Ones Collection

Wild Ones is a collection of multiple short erotica paranormal stories that will leave you saying hot, hot, hot. It is set in Leman, where shapeshifting animals find their one true mates, only then do they become men to pleasure their chosen. After reading this I want to go to Leman.

The collection itself is a good quick erotic read. Each story is mostly about one main female character and her men, and yes I said men. Warning each story has multiple partners and very graphic sex scenes. I found each story quick and to the point with a little story of each woman and her men. If you are looking for a quick erotica with a shapeshifting theme, then Wild Ones is perfect!

Wild Ones: Prowl is about strong, independent Lainey. She is out to prove everyone wrong and that a woman can make it alone in Leman. When two playful wolves choose Lainey as their chosen she abandons sexual limitations and dares the wolves to match her and take her to such heights she might never come down.

Wild Ones: Wild Horses has Callie searching for a new beginning. She’s not afraid of anything. She is bold, independent, and the best damn carrier around. When two spirited stallions start to follow her around everywhere, Callie wonders about the rumors going around. They talk about animals becoming men to pleasure their chosen until they can’t move. Callie needs men sexual enough to keep up with their high demands in bed, and these two young stallions aim to show her that they may be young but they are quick learners.

Wild Ones: Purr has Delia. She is a cold hard survivor. There is not much she has not seen or done. But underneath all the hardness is a woman who just wants to be loved, hard and good and all night long. When two young Cougars start sniffing around Delia, she wonders if the rumors of animals that turn into men are true. She does not have long to wait. The cougars sense her eagerness to be loved and they may be young but they are ready to show Delia how much they want what they see.

Wild Ones: Who? is about Rosemary. She is ever the protector of Leman. Rosemary has seen residents of Leman get to meet their special shapeshifting men, ever hoping that she gets to meet hers as well. But when it finally happens Rosemary is gifted, in fact with three!

Book Blurb for Wild Ones Collection

A pair of shapeshifting wolves have adopted Lainey's new farm on the agri-moon Leman as their home. Though wild, winning their favor is considered lucky. They have a sense of sexuality that other women would pay anything to taste. And they've chosen her. Lainey's not crying wolf. She's crying "God, yes, harder!"

Bold, independent, and free, Callie's worked hard to become the best courier on Leman. And she's not the only one to notice. Two stallions shadow her every move. They may be young, but these native shapeshifters are as adventurous as Callie, and they're set on proving they're old enough to handle her.

Some folks are victims. Some are survivors. Delia's not sure she believes the stories about Leman's beasts, animals who can take on man shape. But they believe in her -- and in what they've scented waiting under the armor she's plated around her heart. These two great cats plan to show their human cougar how much they appreciate what they see.

Rosemary, unofficial guardian of Leman, has waited -- patiently, and not so patiently -- in fierce hope of one day drawing the attention of the agri-moon's strange and wonderful animals who become men. But after her fortieth birthday, she's begun to doubt her dreams, and let her hopes drift away. Until, that is, she finds herself receiving an unexpected visitor. The first, in fact, of three...

This collection contains the previously released novellas Prowl, Wild Horses, Purr, and Who? in the Wild Ones series.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 3.50