Vampire's Kiss

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Vampire's Kiss

The Watchers, #2

Having survived her first year on the Isle of Night as an Acari recruit, Drew has no time to relax. Having defeated Lilac for the top spot and the honor of assisting the deadly vampire Alcantara on a mission, Drew gets to take on extra training to prepare for her first assignment. With her training underway, she still fumbles with her feelings for Ronan. Where Alcantara is showing more interest, she is wondering if siding with the vamp is the way to stay safer. Drew learns that her mission is to help save another vamp who is being tortured for information by bad vamps. She sees this as her chance to escape, her one motivation to stay alive. But Drew learns quickly that sometimes even the best laid plans don’t always go the way we want them to.

I have read both books in the series, and they blew me away. What an interesting thought, a world of vampires that I haven’t read of before. The series is through the eyes of Drew, and in Vampire's Kiss we get to see that things don’t get any easier for her after her big win. In fact she seems to have a whole new enemy in the Guidon’s Masha and Trinity from book one, who take their hatefulness to a whole new level. Add her strange attraction/relationship with the creepy vampire Alcantara, and her whatever it is relationship with Ronan. You feel that there is something there between the two, but for every step forward, they take two steps back. I really like Ronan and I hope their relationship goes somewhere other than big brother. I love her friends and their different personalities. Amanda and Yas are the ultimate best friends. I was kind of really getting into Drew and Josh. I think that they could make a good couple. With the introduction of Carden, I was floored. lol How could I want her to end up with 3 different guys! Now I don’t know who I want her with, but I am leaning toward Carde. There is just something about him, like a connection between the two. And I cannot wait to see who she turns to. Ms. Wolff has hooked me on The Watchers Series and I cannot wait for August to get there!

The Watchers Series: Isle of Night | Vampire's Kiss | Blood Fever (August 2012)

Book Blurb for Vampire's Kiss

As someone who has survived her first year as an Acari recruit, Drew's ultimate goal is to become a Watcher and be paired up with a Vampire agent. Except nothing is as it seems. The vampire Alcántara is as sinister as he is sexy, Ronan is more distant than ever, and it turns out there are other vampires out there. Bad ones. They've captured one of the Watcher vamps and are torturing him for information-and Drew is going undercover to rescue him.

But when their vampire prisoner turns out to be a gorgeous bad boy, Drew's first mission quickly turns into more than she bargained for...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50