Up in Flames

The Netherworld, #2

I found Up in Flames to be a very entertaining take on Shifters and Fae. A must read for paranormal fans. Although this is book two, I had no problem following the plot, however I would recommend reading them in order because I love the series! The relationship between Liam and Heidi is a good fit for each other, the chemistry right. The action and storytelling set just at the right pace. Overall, I really enjoyed Up in Flames and I am looking forward to the next installment

Heidi is going on vacation with her friend Maggie, she needs some spice to her life, and this trip is supposed to do it. Things do not turn out like she planned. When Liam, a dragon shifter, comes to her rescue, the two can’t deny a bond that burns hotly between them. The longer they are together the bond takes a deeper hold. Will they be able to overcome their differences to make it work??

The Netherworld Series: Once Bitten- Book 1, Up in Flames - Book 2, Book 3 (Fall 2015)

Book Blurb for Up in Flames

Feared dragon, Liam McIntyre, is resolved to stay out of the conflict between his neighbors, the fae of Péine and the shifters of New Freedom. That changes as soon as he sees the helpless woman tied to a stake in the middle of the fae village. The mysterious woman leaves him wanting and he is determined to keep her.

For Heidi Corrigan, the mountain getaway with her friend to New Freedom is her first vacation. It may also be her last when she's kidnapped by a group of fae warriors determined to burn her as a witch. Rescued by a sexy dragon, Heidi must find her way back to New Freedom, but her new dragon protector has other ideas in mind.

Stands Alone: yes

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.00