Under a Blood Moon

Beaux Rêve Coven, #2

I really enjoyed the storyline of this series. I think the characters are original and interesting, I mean, come on, where else will you read about a merman who is a demon? The story world is set in Cajun country, I'm loving it! The erotic romance is once again off the charts with this wonderful author. If you don't mind multiple partners and paranormal elements with your story, then this series is for you!

Miren Lynch is settling down now that the witches won. Things, however, get a little steamy when the sea draugr slips into her dreams. He ignites a fire only three demons can quench. So Renner Neilsen is bound and determined to put it out. But he needs to prove to Miren that he can be her true mate and look after all of her needs, even if means adding another partner or two or three.

Beaux Reve Coven Series:

Once in a Blue Moon

Under a Blood Moon

Book Blurb for Under a Blood Moon

One demon lights her fire. It'll take three to cool her down.

Beaux Rêve Coven, Book 2

Now that the battle dust has settled and the witches have won their freedom, Miren Lynch is going stir crazy. Sure, her three demon bodyguards are hot--especially Renner Neilsen--but having them constantly underfoot and ordering her around is about to drive her insane.

One kiss proves the attraction between her and Renner is mutual, but when the sea draugr slips into her dreams, he ignites a fire only three demons can quench.

To Renner, it makes perfect sense for Miren to choose him for her mate. They share the same element--water. They're both wildly attracted. But once he sneaks into her dream to seduce her, she doesn't trust his promise he won't abuse the power a witch brings to a mate.

His solution? Show her he will provide everything she needs for her wellbeing--from mind-bending pleasure to her treasured freedom--even if it means sharing her with a pair of handsome and lusty mermen twins.

Warning: Contains explicit sexual escapades between three handsome specimens of juicy otherworld masculinity and a witch who knows that even the most hardass demon hides a gooey marshmallow inside. Happy tasting!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.00