To Spell With It

Anna Wolfe Series, #3

“To Spell With It”, what a fun title for a fun series. If you’re looking for a good fun paranormal romance, that has it all, then I suggest The Anna Wolfe Series. I’ve enjoyed them very much. Anna, a grand witch, is tied to Roman, a warlock. But her heart belongs to Valon, but he belongs to another! It’s quite the love triangle. Anna is spending the book trying to rescue her love and finally be done with who she can be with. I personally would say, why pick and choose both! But if I had to pick a fav, it would Roman. He has been my favorite character, even over Anna. With just enough of action, love, steamy scenes, who will she pick drama, and kicking A@@ery, “To Spell With It” makes a great addition to the series.

The Story: Grand Witch Anna Wolfe’s worst nightmare has just begun. Valen is kidnapped by Mich and to top that off Roman and Anna's bond is threatening their very lives. Anna will stop at nothing to save Valon even going so far as to ask for help from the dreaded Vlad, the King of the Vampires.

Anna Wolfe Series:

I'll Be Damned

Saved by the Spell

To Spell With It

Book Blurb for To Spell With It

Valen disappeared.

Micah’s quest for world domination is underway.

An ancient bond threatens to destroy Anna and Roman.

A vampire who cannot be trusted.

Grand Witch Anna Wolfe’s worst nightmare has just begun. Valen is being held hostage by Micah and to make matters more complicated, an ancient bond brewing between her and Roman threatens their very survival. Anna will stop at nothing to get Valen back, even visiting the dreaded Netherworld and enlisting the help of Vlad, the King of the Vampires.

What Anna isn’t prepared for is battling Micah and his endless army of demons, while waging war on The Highers. Faced with terrifying encounters and disastrous black magic, Anna must do everything in her power to rescue Valen and protect both worlds.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.00