Tall, Dark and Hairy

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Tall, Dark and Hairy

The Necro Files, #3

Yay. Another Necro Files book with the super awesome Daisy.

Book three in the Necro Files finds Daisy finding out that Bigfoots exist and they communicate telepathically. And oh yeah she saves the day again.

Tall, Dark and Hairy was little out there for me. I enjoyed Bloody Sexy more, but I still recommend this series to Urban Fantasy fans. In this book we find Daisy camping. She spots Bigfoots who speak telepathically, which she is turn has to save from deranged council members. So she is dodging magic and speaking with her mind with smelly hairy creatures, which she handles like a pro. With help from Nathan, I would like something to start happening with these two, Daisy saves the day.

For me this story was a bit slow at first. But when the action starts, the next thing you know you have finished the story. This is a great added addition to the Necro Files series.

Urban Fantasy fans should jump on this series with book one and read them as a set.

Necro Files Series

Book 1- 7.50/Hour + Curses

Book 2- Bloody Sexy

Book 3- Tall, Dark and Hairy

Book Blurb for Tall, Dark and Hairy

In the woods, no one can hear you sneeze…

Daisy Janney—college student and assistant mortician—can't wait to get out to the country to attend a music festival for spring break. Her favorite band Shizknit will be there. But so will the bugs. And the bathrooms at their campsite are just…wow. Then there’s the secret war being waged by the wizards of the council and a mysterious group of creatures that look a whole lot like bigfoots (bigfeet?). Whatever they are, they seem to know something about Daisy that she doesn’t, and they aren’t telling. Now she’s got to save an entire race of mythical—scratch that, very real but kind of smelly—creatures from the clutches of the deranged (and equally smelly) leader of the council, Caroline. If she plays her cards right, Janie might be able to stay alive…and she might even get to spend what’s left of spring break getting to know the bass player for Shizknit a little better...

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00