Swept Aside

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Swept Aside

Sharon Sala is one of my favorite authors. I love her veristle writing style and I have yet to read one of her stories that I did not enjoy! Ms. Sala weaves a tense romantic thriller that tells the story of Amalie Pope. Who after suffering PTSD from a deadly mass murder at the high school where she worked goes home to heal. What she doesn’t expect is to be taken hostage by four dangerous men. She is frightened and afraid as she has escaped death before. Will she be able to do so again?

One of the felons, Nick, doesn’t seem like the others. Little does she know that Nick Arroyo is an undercover DEA agent. Nick has no idea how he is going to get Amalie out of this deadly situation without blowing his cover and killing them both.

If you like your suspense with a little romance thrown in, then this series is for you! Be sure to check out the first two in the Storm Front series.

Book One- Blown Away

Book Two- Torn Apart

Book Blurb for Swept Aside

Shell-shocked after a nightmarish school shooting, Amalie Pope retreats to an aging plantation house near Bordelaise, Louisiana, to heal, physically and emotionally. She's there barely an hour when a tornado rips through bayou country, mercifully leaving the house intact. She's stranded, but unafraid - until a knock on the door.
Four escaped prisoners barge inside, and in an instant Amalie is a hostage again. These men are wounded, desperate and dangerous - with one exception. Undercover DEA operative Nick Aroyo is on the run with the gang he's infiltrated. The only thing he wants more than this collar is to protect fragile, frightened Amalie, who has surrendered herself to his care, body, soul...and heart. But he'll have to play the thug in order to keep her - and his secret - safe, because even though the storm has passed,  the danger remains....

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.75