Sliver of Silver

The Blushing Death #3

Book Three of the Blushing Death series has a little darker storyline than previous books. Our main character Dahlia has been through a lot, and that reflects her mind set throughout this book. Even though it is darker, it is written is such a masterful way that it does not turn the reader off. It just shows us how much of a talented author Ms. Sabol is. Dahlia has a lot to deal with and she does it as a kick ass girl would! I really can’t say enough about how much I love this series and the love triangle that brings me back for more. Yes it draws out and makes me scream at times, but that just makes it sweeter in the end.

Dahlia Sabin is Fertiri, carrying both the ancient magic of the grave and the primal power of the Pack. Being marked for death is nothing new for the Blushing Death, but it does not hurt having a vampire love and werewolf hottie that have her back. No one is safe when dangerous strays move into town and leave bodies. Dahlia is on their trail even as her life is in turmoil she must put it aside and protect the innocent and those she loves. Or she could loose those closest to her, something the blushing death will not let happen!

Blushing Death Series:

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Sliver of Silver

Golden Andae

Book Blurb for Sliver of Silver

Dahlia Sabin is Fertiri, carrying both the ancient magic of the grave and the primal power of the Pack. She’s marked for death by her enemies, protected by the vampire liege in love with her and the Pack Alpha infatuated by her. Strays have moved into the city, terrorizing the innocent and leaving mutilated bodies in their wake as a message that no one is safe.

Hot on the Strays’ trail, Dahlia must stop them before they can destroy the Pack and rule it as their own. As her life crashes and burns around her, Dahlia has to put all her inner turmoil aside and become the Blushing Death to protect the people she loves. If she can’t expose their plans, she could lose everything, and her most fearsome enemy is still hiding in the shadows . . .

This is the third book in a series that needs to be read in order.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50