Sin's Dark Caress

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Sin's Dark Caress

A Dark Brethren Novel

Women are being killed, ripped apart, their newborn babies stolen. It is up to Forensic Witch Bianca Sin to find them and solve these horrible crimes. When all signs point to the Dark Brethren, Bianca enlists little help. Homicide Detective Lancelot McManus and Oberon DuPrie join forces to stop the Dark Brethren before more innocent lives are lost.

The Night Brethren series has different characters in each book. However I feel that it is best to read them in order to better understand the world and the people. Cameos are also made by previous characters, which I always love as I get to catch up on them in the series. Sins Dark Caress centers on Bianca and her search for the Brethren who are killing these girls and taking the babies. With the help of her sometime lover Lancelot the sparks fly but with no real fulfillment. Lancelot has his own addictive issues. I found real enjoyment with a couple of the secondary characters or animals lol. Vincent, Bianca’s cat is too funny. I loved the dragon as well. Overall I felt the story was fast paced, but hard to follow at times. I really like this series and feel that it can grow into a knock out series if given more time. Characters are interesting and have their flaws. This series has good characters, is fast paced, action packed and has little sexual tension. Picked this book up for a fun engaging read!

Dark Brethren Series

Book 1- Nights Cold Kiss- Antoinette and Christian | Book 2- Death's Sweet Embrace - Kitt and Rowen | Book 3- Sin's Dark Caress- Bianca and Lancelot

Book Blurb for Sin's Dark Caress

In the bestselling vein of J.R. Ward and Patricia Briggs comes Tracey O'Hara's third book in her fast-paced supernatural Dark Brethren series.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00