Wynne Mane has it all! The husband she is head over heels in love with. The new dream job she has worked so hard for. Plus she is a certified psychologist with a large case load. She has a new start in a new state. The problem is she is finding it hard to leave behind her old business partner and lover AJ. Her husband Jake fulfills her in everyday, but she somehow feels a pull toward AJ that she can't explain. When she tells Jake of her feelings, he suggests they fly AJ down for a little fun. After all, he wants his wife to be happy. Why not add a new play partner. Maybe he wouldn't mind playing with them both?

All you have to do is say it's an Em Petrova novel and I want it! This lady knows her business and that is to write sexy, steamy, and sinfully hot stories that will have you looking for your other half! SILK is a sexy quickie that tells of Wynne who loves her husband, but also loves her old lover and best friend. And man let me tell you, the scenes with her husband were hot, the scenes with all three of them are smoking hot!

Warning: If you don't like threesomes so hot they will set you on fire then this book is not for you! If you love two hot men, whose goal is to thoroughly satisfy their lady love, then this book is for you!

Book Blurb for Silk

When Newlywed Wynne Marie receives racy texts from her ex, she’s caught in a titillating game that her husband finds sexy as hell.

Newlywed Wynne Marie Jackson has it all—delicious husband, beautiful New England home, high-paying job in her field. So why does her husband Jake discover her in tears? Two letters: AJ.

When Wynne Marie left Atlanta, she also left behind her well-known spa, Silk, and her co-owner AJ Albright. Together, she and AJ had built their spa into a retreat sought by the stars. However, their relationship went deeper than the Tao massage they specialized in, and while she loves her husband Jake, she misses AJ’s passion.

After a fearful confession, Jake is more understanding—and turned on—than Wynne Marie ever imagined. Can adding AJ to their lives be the realization of her dreams or the end of her marriage?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00