Rapture's Edge

Night Prowler Novel #3

Rapture's Edge is a kick ass action packed urban fantasy read that is fast, witty and sexy as hell. It has lead characters with chemistry hot enough that melt the pages.

Rapture's Edge picks up 3 years after Edge of Oblivion. After being apart for years, Elian and Demetrius find themselves in two different lives. Eliana is back with her no good brother and fighting underground fighting matches. Where Demetrius has been with his brothers, missing the love of his life every day. When Eliana's cover gets blown, assassins are back on her trail. And so is Demetrius, and thus how the story draws out. All I can say is what a ride it is. I enjoyed the chemistry and interactions between the two.

Eliana lives for the chance to kill the man who murdered her father. She lives for the chance to see his dream of living out in the open with humans. But others will stop at nothing to make sure that she is silenced forever. With the help of an old love, Eliana must find a way to defeat an enemy more deadly and cunning than they have faced before.

Night Prowler Series:

Book 1- Shadow's Edge

Book 2- Edge of Oblivion

Book 3- Rapture's Edge

Book 4- Edge of Darkness

Book 5- Darkness Bound (Spring 2014)

Book 6- Into Darkness (Fall 2014)

Book Blurb for Rapture's Edge

SECRETS… In the hidden world that exists beside our own, a mirror world of ancient magic and elegant deceptions, a world of people who are so much more than they first appear, a war is brewing. Most of these Gifted people—the Ikati, a savage, sensual race of lethal predators—are content to hide behind human smiles, disguising their splendor in order to survive. But others are discontent. And they will hide no longer.

BETRAYALS… Eliana lives for two things only: vengeance on the man who killed her father and seeing her father’s dream of living in the open with humans come to pass. But that dream is far too dangerous for The Hunt, a group of elite Ikati assassins with one objective: eliminate her before she can expose their secrets to the world.

SEDUCTION… Demetrius is haunted by the memory of the woman he once loved. He will risk everything to save her from the killers on her tail…and convince her, before the ancient walls between two worlds crumble, that only together can they defeat their real enemy, a brilliant, cunning traitor far more deadly than either of them can guess.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50