Plague Nation

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Plague Nation

Ashley Parker, #2

If ever there is a Zombie Outbreak I will be grabbing my copies of the Ashley Parker Series as a How to Kill Zombies Guide and Kick Some Zombie Ass!! I love this series and I love this author!! Plague Town blew my mind and Plague Nation did it again! If you’re looking for a Gritty Urban Fantasy that grabs your attention and won’t let go until the end, then this series is for you!

Ashley Parker is a kick ass character that is one of my all-time faves! She can crack a joke just as quick as she can swing her sword! Ms. Fredsti has a way of getting these character into your heart. I was attached to each of them and the loss of a couple of them was sad but understandable. After all we are fighting a zombie war! I loved the introduction of a new character. And what can I say about Gabe. Hi is just wow, love him! Plague Nation left on a cliff hanger that will drive me nuts until the next book comes out, which cannot get here quick enough!


Ashley Parker and her fellow Zombie Hunter co-workers/friends known as the wild cards, find themselves elbow deep in the walking dead, again! The zombie outbreak in the small Northern California coastal town of Redwood Grove where she was a post-grad student has spread across the country. And it is up to her and her team to try to maintain the outbreak as best as they can. The outbreak is spreading quicker than expected and they have new enemy strikes. With old team members getting killed and new team members entering, it’s hard to know who to trust. All Ashley knows is that the person she has come to love may die, or worse!

Ashley Parker Series: Book 1- Plague Town / Book 2 - Plague Nation

Book Blurb for Plague Nation

Sequel to the thrilling zombie novel PLAGUE TOWN.

The undead have been defeated in Redwood Grove, CA, but reports of similar outbreaks are coming in. What seemed to be an isolated event is turning into a pandemic.  The last thing Ashley Parker wanted when she went to college was to join the military, but she is one of a select few who are immune to the virus. Gifted with enhanced speed, strength, and senses, she’s recruited by a shadowy international organization that’s existed for centuries, its sole purpose to combat the zombie threat. 

Dark secrets begin to emerge, and when an unknown enemy strikes, Ashley and the other zombie hunters—known as “wild cards”—embark on a desperate mission to reach San Francisco. If they fail, the plague will sweep the nation unchecked. And the person she cares for most may die. Or worse.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00