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Minder is a good youth paranormal read that focuses on the Native American culture, and panthers. Aurora, "Rora", is thrust into this destiny she must fulfill. She is a good example for younger readers and they will be able to identify with her. The male lead in, Kylar, is a strong hero who will capture young adult hearts just like he did Rora's.

Minder is great for the mindful parent because it has no bad language and just a little kissing. It shows the great ability of the writer to still convey the characters attraction to one another without any too heavy scenes. Ms. Cox did an excellent job of creating a great fulfilling read with a thrill of an ending. I would recommend Minder for any teen and I am sure adults will enjoy a good supernatural read as well.

When Rora's aunt tells her a tale of shape shifting princesses and gives her a unique necklace, her world turns upside down. Rora comes to realize this is no ordinary tale when that night she goes for a walk and is chased by a huge animal. She is saved by a panther with eyes like the boy she just so happened to have met that very day. Thus begins her journey into the truth of who and what she is. With the help of a sexy boy who is more than what he seems, Rora has a destiny to fulfill, but is she up for it?

Book Blurb for Minder

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Aurora Valente goes through some disturbing changes. She purrs and craves raw meat. Most alarming of all, she’s taken to chasing wildlife.

Her aunt gives her a beautiful, antique choker and tells her a story about a shapeshifting Minder princess, and the beast that hunts the Minder’s descendants.

To Aurora it’s only a story...till later that night when her whole world takes a turn into terror. A horrific beast chases her through the woods, where a puma with the eyes of a stranger comes to her rescue.

While the beast and puma fight, she feels her bones break and reform. Her scream comes out a snarl. She lands on all fours, a beautiful panther.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50