Midnight Ash

The Blushing Death #2

Looking for a well written urban fantasy series that has it all? Well look no further! The Blushing Death series will keep you on the edge of your seat with romance, kick ass lead characters, and sexy alpha guys. They are all fighting over a girl. This series has all of the action and danger a reader could want. In Midnight Ash we meet a scary as hell vampire ninja, (yes ninja, this is why I love this series) out for the blood of our very own blushing death. Even her vampire lover and sexy wolf can’t protect her now. But oh yeah, when you’re the "Blushing Death" who needs protection? With all new plots, twists, frustrations, complications, and danger Ms. Sabol has hit another "Reading Homerun" with Midnight Ash.

When Dahlia Sabin gets a dismembered hand nailed to her front door, a girl is just not going to have a good day. Things go from bad to worse when she becomes the target of a scary as hell vampire ninja out for her blood. When she finds herself thrust into a vampire turf war, she may just need her sexy vampire love and hot wolf to cover her back. With a ninja on her back, vampires after her, and her growing attraction to the local beta werewolf, it’s all in a day’s work for the Blushing Death!!

Blushing Death Series:

A Pool of Crimson

Midnight Ash

Sliver of Silver

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Book Blurb for Midnight Ash

It’s all fun and games until a dismembered hand gets nailed to your front door.

When a woman is mutilated and murdered steps from her home, Dahlia Sabin is thrust into the middle of a territorial vampire war with a target on her back and an assassin on her trail.

When a 500-year-old vampire ninja assassin is unleashed on the city to claim Dahlia’s head, she has to convince the men in her life to work together before Midnight Ash and her group of assassins can claim their prize. But being in love with the most powerful and charismatic vampire in the state incites animosity and jealousy as Dahlia sinks deeper into the werewolf Pack, becoming entangled with its Beta.

In her race to uncover the plot behind Midnight Ash, Dahlia is confronted with old arguments, forgotten traumas, and a new complication in the cogent and all tempting Pack Alpha. As she’s driven further into the supernatural world, Dahlia is torn between the vampire she loves and the primal pull of the Pack.

If Dahlia can’t stop Midnight Ash before blood is spilled, she may never find out who has a contract out on her head, what they hope to gain, or if she’s strong enough to survive losing everything.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50