Mark of the Moon

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Mark of the Moon

Mark of the Moon, #1

“Mark of the Moon” starts off right off the bat introducing us to Dana. I have to say she is very entertaining. I always enjoy the sarcastic, funny, independent, and tough main character. She knows what she likes and takes it. She is an ex paranormal fighter turned bartender.

The story starts off hot with Dana getting caught with her current lover, in a little bit of a compromising position. She is tied up and able to fight back. She is scratched by her lovers ex that just barged in. His ex also happens to be a cat shifter. Thus begins her journey of will she turn and who can she trust.

This story has more than one possible love interest. Dana is trying to keep herself safe and those she loves safe. With lots of action, steamy sex scenes, twist and turns, and great secondary characters, “Mark of the Moon” makes for a fun paranormal read that has me anticipating the next installment.

Mark of the Moon- Book 1

Betrayed by Blood-Book 2 (July 24)

Book Blurb for Mark of the Moon

In this first book in a wildly addictive new series, a battle begins and one kick-ass female bartender turned demon fighter is ready for war 

I'm Dana Markovitz. And my world is shifting. 

My experience with the paranormal community was a good one, pouring shots in the creature-friendly pit stop where I tend bar. Until last night. 

Worst. Date. Ever. 

A hookup with a vampire ended in a scratch from a jealous were-cat. Surprise! I caught a cat-shifting virus. I should be immune. Or so I've always been led to believe. 

For some reason the infection has riled a demon underworld that apparently knows more about my secret past than I do. They aren't thrilled with me. In fact, they want me dead. 

At least I have one normal male on my side. Relatively normal. I think he's on my side. 

Tell you one thing. There's no way I'm being put down like a feral stray. I may not know who to trust, but I'll be damned if I'm not fighting back. Hell, my claws are already starting to show.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 3.50