Lustful Torment

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Lustful Torment

Torn between her love for her runaway wife and her duty as Matriarch, Tamara is fighting her need to drag her Izzy back home or her duty to her Clan. With danger approaching on her territory, Tamara will need all of her wits about her against this powerful enemy. Needing her wife by her side, Tamara will accept nothing less than her wife heart and soul.

Wow! This is my first F/F read and I must say it was hot!!! The sex scenes are hot, hot hot!! I have not read any previous books in the Hightower series but you can bet I will be catching up on that!! As a character Tamara is a good leader with a glimpse of her soft side that I found myself hooked on reading. I just loved the end with its nice surprise!! I can’t wait to read Gaia's Lust!!!

Hightower Series

Book 1- For the Love of Blood

Book 2- Cheating Death

Book 3- Dying to Love

Book 4- Lustful Torment

Book 5- Gaia's Lust- Out Sept 15

Book Blurb for Lustful Torment

Is it not enough that I have put up with her blatant disobedience and have tolerated her abandonment to our way of living and our life together? As Matriarch of the Hightower Clan, I should take what rightfully belongs to me. No one would deny me that right, but I want more than just her body standing next to me. I want her heart and love to follow willingly.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00