Half-Off Ragnarok

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Half-Off Ragnarok

An Incryptid Novel, #3

For a spin off, Half-Off Ragnarok was a pretty good read. I am partial to Verity, so even though this is her brother, it was a harder read for me. But as always Ms. McGuire is an awesome writer and anything she writes I will love by the end. Ms. MacGuire just has a sense of storytelling that reaches out and captures the reader’s attention.

In Half Off Ragnarok we follow Alex, Verity's brother, as he works at a zoo studying frogs and reptiles while trying to charm Australian researcher, Shelby Tanner. But things go wrong when one of Alex's interns shows up dead. That's when things get interesting with a murder to solve and trying to keep his romance alive with Shelby. I can’t wait for more from this author and this series.

Incryptid Series: Discount Armageddon / Midnight Bluelight Special /Half-Off Ragnarok / Sparrow Hill Road / Pocket Apocalypse (March 2015)

Book Blurb for Half-Off Ragnarok

When Alex Price agreed to go to Ohio to oversee a basilisk breeding program and assist in the recovery of his psychic cousin, he didn't expect people to start dropping dead. But bodies are cropping up at the zoo where he works, and his girlfriend--Shelby Tanner, an Australian zoologist with a fondness for big cats--is starting to get suspicious.

Worse yet, the bodies have all been turned partially to stone...

The third book in the InCryptid series takes us to a new location and a new member of the family, as Alex tries to balance life, work, and the strong desire not to become a piece of garden statuary. Old friends and new are on the scene, and danger lurks around every corner.

Of course, so do the talking mice.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00