Gunmetal Magic

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Gunmetal Magic

A Novel in the World of Kate Daniels

Andrea Nash's life has ended, or so she thinks after being "fired" from the Order of the Knights. Trying to pick herself back up she goes to work for Kate her best friend and owner of Cutting Edge. Andrea is given the job to look into the death of several shapeshifters who just so happen to work for her ex Raphael Medrano, Alpha of Clan Bouda. Forced to work together the two shifters must put past passions and anger aside and solve the case and maybe even the world.

Okay first off, anything with Ilona Andrews as the author I will read. I love this writing team of husband and wife. Kate Daniels series is one of my all-time faves and anything of their world I grab up as fast as I can. Andrea has always been a good sidekick and I was a little worried about her having a full book. I shouldn’t have been, in fact I would like to see more! Andrea is not Kate and I liked that about her. She has her own style and way of doing things. She can be just as bad as she needs to be. The romance and tension between Andrea and Raphael is heartbreaking. It makes you more involved in the characters. Even though Raphael shows his not so nice side a lot, we also get to see some of his playful side too. With Egyptian gods making appearances, vivid scenery, memorable characters, action, romance, practical jokes and a Kate/Curran cameo you get a full ride. Gunmetal Magic is a must read and a great addition to the Kate Daniels world!

Kate Daniels Series 1. MAGIC BITES 2. MAGIC BURNS 3. MAGIC STRIKES 4. MAGIC MOURNS (Raphael and Andrea novella) 5. MAGIC BLEEDS 6. MAGIC DREAMS (Jim and Dali novella) 7. MAGIC SLAYS 8. GUNMETAL MAGIC – Andrea’s book (07/31/2012) 9. Kate 6 – untitled, under contract (02/2013) 10. Kate 7 – untitled, under contract

Book Blurb for Gunmetal Magic

The New York Times bestselling Kate Daniels novels have been hailed as “top-notch urban fantasy.”* Now, Ilona Andrews delves deeper into Kate’s world, and reveals its untold stories…

Some people have everything figured out—Andrea Nash is not one of those people. After being kicked out of the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid, Andrea’s whole existence is in shambles. All she can do is to try to put herself back together, something made easier by working for Cutting Edge, a small investigative firm owned by her best friend Kate Daniels.

When several shapeshifters working for Raphael Medrano—the male alpha of the Clan Bouda and Andrea’s former lover—die unexpectedly at a dig site, Andrea is assigned to investigate…and must work with Raphael. As Andrea’s search for the killer leads her into the secret underbelly of supernatural Atlanta, she knows that dealing with her feelings for Raphael might have to take a back seat to saving the world…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50