Fiery Edge of Steel

A Noon Onyx Novel, #2

Fiery Edge of Steel is the second book in the Noon Onyx series. Book one, Dark Light of Day, set up Noon Onyx's story.

In book one we were introduced to a character and a world that has some flaws. Both books keep readers intrigued, entertained and coming back for more. I did not really like Noon's reactions and attitude on how she dealt with things in some parts. But I understand that worthwhile characters must start somewhere and be given the chance to grow. Noon is experiencing that growth through this series. She is learning, reluctantly, to harness her powers. As a romance reader, I am liking the relationship between Noon and Rafe. I know Noon is supposed to be with Ari, but I really like Rafe!

Ms. Archer has created a world that I find very entertaining and addicting. I am invested in these characters and cannot wait to see what future books bring to this series. Overall I’m finding The Noon Onyx series and interesting and good urban fantasy series that is well written. Readers will be looking for more once they get involved with the storyline, plot and characters.

Noon Onyx Series:

1. Dark Light of Day – 4 Stars

2. Fiery Edge of Steel – 4 Stars

3. White Heart of Justice – 4.5 Stars – Top Pick!

Book Blurb for Fiery Edge of Steel

Lucifer and his army triumphed at Armageddon, leaving humans and demons living in uncertain peace based on sacrifice and strict laws. It is up to those with mixed demon and human blood, the Host, to prevent society from falling into anarchy.

Noon Onyx is the first female Host in memory to wield the destructive waning magic that is used to maintain order among the demons. Her unique abilities, along with a lack of control and a reluctance to kill, have branded her as an outsider among her peers. Only her powerful lover, Ari Carmine, and a roguish and mysterious Angel, Rafe Sinclair, support her unconventional ways.

When Noon is shipped off to a remote outpost to investigate several unusual disappearances, a task that will most likely involve trying and killing the patron demon of that area, it seems Luck is not on her side. But when the outpost settlers claim that an ancient and evil foe has stepped out of legend to commit the crimes, Noon realizes that she could be facing something much worse than she ever imagined…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00