Eagle's Refuge

Book three in the Texas Passions series.

Hoping to start over in a small unassuming town, Callista Hill bought Morgan Creek's only flower shop and is living her dream. Callie was done with running from an abusive ex, she was making a stand and going to live her dream. The last thing she is looking for is another good-looking man in her life, after all she was running from another one. But something about Mac draws Callie, has her body humming to be tamed by this rugged cowboy!

As owner of the Hell's Bell's and 1/3 owner of White Eagle Ranch Mac Moreno doesn’t have a lot of spare time on his hands. But when he first sets eyes on Callie he knew he wanted to get to know her better, and not just in a sweaty kind of sense. Their passions are hot and instant and the nights long. As their romance heats up Callie's ex comes looking for her, will Mac be enough for Callie to stay or will she run?

I have read several of Ms. Carlysle books and I have yet to read one that did not entertain me! The chemistry between the two main characters is smoking hot and you truly feel the connection between the two. With secondary relationships, friends and family, Eagles Refuge is a good heartfelt sexy read you wont put down till you read the last page!! Look for Books 1 and 2 already out in the Texas Passions series!!

Book 1 - Eagle's Run- This tells the story of Mac's Half sister Leah

Book 2 - Eagle's Redemption- This tells of Mac's Half brother Dash!

Book Blurb for Eagle's Refuge

When Callista Hill settles in tiny Morgan’s Creek, she vows to make a better life for herself. She never figured lust and screaming-hot orgasms were part of the equation. One look at the local bar owner and she’s flooded with the need to have him in her bed. He burns her to ash with every erotic touch, bringing her sex-starved body achingly to life.
The instant dark, moody Mac Moreno claps eyes on Callie, he knows he wants her. Her lush curves turn him inside out and have his libido racing from zero to sixty in three seconds flat. Burning up the sheets with this sassy, sweet lady brings him back to life. But when her stalking ex hunts her down, will Callie run?
Not if Mac can help it.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00