The Kali Lockton Series, #1

It’s not every day you find an author who is very detailed in their writing and not find yourself skipping pages. Ms. Durfey delivers wonderfully! For a first time author this is an amazing read! Ms. Durfy has introduced a world that will capture your attention and totally engross you in the story. You are lured in with vivid characters that are real, flawed and relatable.

Kali Lockton is a great female lead and will hold your heart. All I can say about Jared, is YUM!!! I want more!!! If you are looking for a new author, look no further!! I will be following Ms. Durfey from now on!!

Kali Lockton Series:


Tell Me I'm Dreaming (out August 2013)

Untitled 3rd book (January 2014)

Book Blurb for Dreamer

At twenty-four years old, Kali Lockton struggles to find her place not only in her own world, but also a world she unavoidably resides in while dreaming. Throughout her life, she had to deal with her visions alone; that is, until she meets a handsome detective, Jared Miles. Not only does he believe her and offer to help prevent her visions from becoming real, he also knows a thing or two about her incomprehensible dreams. Consequently, she reaches the crossroads between discovery and acceptance of things she never imagined possible.      When her own demise becomes the central focus of her dreams, she struggles with the courage to tell Jared. Once she resigns herself to desperation and vulnerability, she discovers things are far more abstruse than anything she could have ever prepared for. What scares her most, however, is releasing her suppressed feelings for a man she feels certain would never return her affections, a man who's not even human.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.50