Destiny's Choice

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Destiny's Choice

Destiny Series, #2

This is my first read by this author, and it will not be my last! First off I love series, and ones with family members are my favorite. This is book two in the series so I will be going back to read book one. Ms. Hunter has done an excellent job of weaving a story that has interesting characters who you will come to love and want to hear more about, leaving it very open for future books. The tempo of the read is action packed and fast. You have everything from a kick ass alpha male, to the lovable female lead.

This is a shifter paranormal romance and I very much enjoyed the journey of Roan and Rivera. Rivera has had to go through hell and back and with the help of Roan and his family/pack comes to know what being in a real pack means. Roan, I just love, is perfect for Rivera. Destiny's Choice has a great setting and is well written. You have memorable characters and enough action to keep you interested and wanting more.


Always longing to be part of the pack Rivera Montgomery has lived among humans, never being accepted by her own kind. Who wants a half wolf in their pack who cannot shift?

Never believing he would ever find his true mate, Roan LeGuer will do anything to keep her when he finds out that Rivera is his mate. But that will not be so easy; he has to deal with a member of the pack who has killed a human. Not to mention Rivera's parents have broken pack laws. Can Rivera overcome all that she has gone through to become the true mate that Roan has waited for?

Destiny's Series: Destiny's Path (Sasha and Flynn), Destiny's Choice (Rivera and Roan)

Book Blurb for Destiny's Choice

Never being accepted by her own kind, Rivera Montgomery lives among the humans, filling her mind with knowledge. But it still can’t ease the ache or the longing to be a part of the Pack.

No one ever said being Alpha would be easy. But Roan LeGuer has put his heart and soul into making his Pack the family it’s supposed to be. Especially now. He’s found his True Mate.

Unfortunately, there are those in the Pack who think the Alpha is nothing more than a figurehead. His power is in title only. Those fools have no idea what’s about to befall them.

A plan 650 years in the making will place the power and leadership of the Pack back in the hands of the Alpha where it rightly belongs. But power and privilege is hard to give up. Will Roan win the day or will those who once ruled seek revenge now that the Alpha has more than just his title to lose? And what of the real secret behind Rivera’s birth? Can the new love they found be strong enough to shelter this storm? Or will it affect more than just the True Mates?

Secret’s, lies, and revelation’s will test the True Mates. But love has a power all on its own. Let’s just hope that love is strong enough.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00