Burning Ice

Book six in the Werewolf Sentinels series.

Ms. Chenery has opened up a world of wolves that I’ve found very entertaining. In this series you have immortal, thousands of year’s old, werewolves who are finding their mates in modern day. I Love It!!! This is my first read into this series and I found it engaging. Now I have to go back and re-read all the ones I missed! I loved that the heroine is clumsy, not unlike myself, and that she meets her sexy mate, while a bear attacks them!

Capac is just happy to have finally found his mate. He’s been looking for a long time. I guess he was just happy to have found his, even if he has to fend off a bear. Ms. Chenery introduces great characters. They are sexy as hell. Readers will enjoy this fast paced read! Readers will get hooked on this series.

Being clumsy has its drawbacks, but it found Riya a sexy hot guy. This book involves love at first sight and sexy shifters.

What's a bear attack when Capac has finally found his mate? Now all he has to do is keep her safe.

Werewolf Sentinels Series:

Book One- Awakened From Ice / Book Two- Ice Hunter's Mate / Book Three-Love Bound in Ice / Book Four- Ice Age Lover / Book Five-Ice Claimed / Book Six- Burning Ice / Book Seven-Love on the Ice / Book Eight- Ice Surrender (coming Soon)

Book Blurb for Burning Ice

Riya is a bit of a klutz. And how. Not only does she head-butt the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen, but also manages to put them both in the path of a charging bear. She’d only thought to spend an enjoyable afternoon fly fishing for salmon, not doing her best to repel the sexiest man alive. Luckily he is made of sterner stuff.

Capac is more than thrilled to find his mate, even if she’ll forever keep him on his toes. But with the change in leadership of the dark wolves, Riya will be in greater danger than his wolf brother’s mates ever were. Capac has no choice but to integrate Riya into his world post haste, or risk the chance of losing her forever.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50