Dark Breed Novels, #2

Kyanna thought she was saving her best friends life when she fed Haven her blood. Kyanna is a Vampyre/Lychen, but what happened was Haven went mad, allowing an evil God Cronos to inhabit her. Cronos is an Ancient God who tried to kill his sons Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Cronos followers are trying to resurrect their beloved god, with the help of inhabited Haven. Since Kyana sired her, it is up to Ky to stop her. But she is on a time limit, for in 7 days she will become the goddess of the hunt and loose her Vampire/Lychen abilities, but gain her goddess abilities. With the always sexy and deadly demigod Ryker helping her, she sets out to find her best friend to save her, or to kill her.

Bedeviled picks up where Ascension left off. Kyana has 7 days to find Haven before her Goddess powers kick in and she loses her Vamp/Lychen powers. Bedeviled is fast paced, with continuing characters from the first book. We get to see the main characters grow, with more action between Ky and Ryker. Which I loved!! These two have chemistry that is hot, but yet Ky is holding back. Not fully wanting to commit, where Ryker knows what he wants, and that is her. It is fun to see them rant back and forth, and my favorite scenes are with the two of them! The Dark Breeds series has everything you would want in one book. You have Gods, Vampires, Lychen's, and witches. Not to mention a kick ass heroine, a sexy demigod, a best friend in need of help, and the world need saving! I will be following this series and author. I cannot wait to see what happens with Ky and Ryker.

Dark Breeds Series: Prequel - Before the Fall | Ascension | Bedeviled

Book Blurb for Bedeviled

"Kyana brings a new dimension to the ranks of kick-ass heroines.I'm looking forward to more of her adventures."
-New York Times bestselling author Alyssa Day

Enter a nightmare world where Dark Breeds-Vampyre, demons, and shapeshifters-war with mortals, and one extraordinary woman stands between them. Readers of Jeaniene Frost will love Bedeviled, the second book in author Sable Grace's Dark Breeds paranormal series. Part vampire, part Lychen warrior Kyana Aslan joins the genre's pantheon of unforgettable female supernatural avengers-along with Buffy the vampire slayer, Jeaniene Frost's Cat Crawfield, and Rachel Morgan of the bestselling Hollows novels. Bedeviled takes the war for humankind's survival to breathtaking new heights, as the terrifying rise of the darkest god to ever exist threatens the future of Kyana's world. Fans of Marjorie Liu, Nalini Singh, Kim Harrison, Christine Feehan.add Sable Grace to list of paranormal fiction's superstars!

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25