Angels' Flight

Angel's Flight is a novel with 4 short stories set in the Guild Hunter series. It goes as follows:

Angel's Pawn- (e-release) - As a Guild Hunter Ashwini hunts those who would harm humans and other supernaturals alike. When her current assignment leads her to ask for the aide of one of her on/off again marks, vampire Janvier things heat up. The case is a kidnapping of a vamp still under her 100 year contract. Thrust together, the two see how well they work together. It also leads Ashwini to rethink her no sleeping with vampires rule!

Angel's Judgment - (In Must Love Hellhounds Anthology) - Sara has some tough decisions to make. She loves working as a hunter with the guild, but she knows she has what it takes to become Guild Director. While she is making up her mind she is sent on a job, one that very well may be her last as a hunter. When the current director has a feared Slayer named Deacon accompanying her, she has fits. How can she be a director if she can’t do one last job herself. What she doesn’t know is that a test is set up by the Angels to prove herself, with not dying the only way to pass the test. With danger all around Sara and Deacon find love, but will she give up her bid for Guild Director for him?

Angel's Wolf - (Angels of Darkness Anthology) - After having been tortured and broken as a point for Archangel Raphael, Noel is ready for an assignment. His mission is to aide Angel Nimra. His job is to find out who has betrayed her and wants her dead. Posing as her lover, he works his way through her court. What he didn’t count on was falling for the beautiful angel. Can he become the man he used to be to save the woman he loves?

Angel's Dance - (new – no prior released) - This tells the story of Galen and Jessamy, set 400 years ago. Jessamy is a respected and loved teacher at the refuge. Even though she is old, she has never known a man’s touch, for her wings are malformed. So she isolates herself from others. Galen is working to prove himself to Raphael that he can become part of his team, so he is looking into the missing archangel and the attempt on Jessamy's life. He see's past her wounds to the beautiful soul that she is. He wants to prove to her that there is more to life, and takes her to the skies, giving her joy she thought to never have. Will it be enough to draw Jessamy out of her shell and give love a chance? Or are some wounds too deep to heal?

I love Ms. Singh's novels, short and full length. She really has a gift of storytelling that draws you into her world and won’t let go. Angel's Flight is filled with 4 short stories, 3 having been prerelease. I love the covers of all of her books, and all stunning, (yes I love to look at and drool over covers). So to me it would be worth it to get the book even though most are already released. I am a huge Elena and Raphael fan, and I was nervous about reading different characters, but I shouldn’t have been. They are just glimpses of characters that we already know and love. I found Ashwini and Janvier's play and chemistry the most fun; I would really like to see a full length novel about them. Since we do not get to see them hook-up per-say, just kind of admit they have feelings for one another. I truly believe that will be a great read in a full length novel. In Angel's Judgment we learn the back story of Sara and Deacon, of how they meet and fall in love. She was just kind of a side character I didn’t think much about, but after reading her story I look at her differently. And Deaon, that man is sex walking! Yum Yum, want me some of him! In Angel's Wolf I really enjoyed the refining of Noel, and him getting back to his old self. Nimra is so perfect for him and I’m just happy that she brings out the best in him. And the new short of Angel's Dance was packed in a small telling but told so much! I love Jessamy and what Galen does for her. This is a truly a great read and well worth getting this! I loved the fact that they didn’t fall right away, but that their love took a while in the making! This book is a great read and touching.

I cannot wait to see more from this world and you can bet that I will be checking my calendar for release dates. This is a great author, great series, and well worth the money!!!

Guild Hunter Series: Angel's Blood | Archangel's Kiss | Archangel's Consort | Archangel's Blade | Angel's Storm (coming September 2012)

Book Blurb for Angels' Flight

Warrior angels, vampire hunters, and angels gone bad heat up this altogether sizzling paranormal alternate universe. This anthology of novellas features Angels' Wolf, Angels' Judgement, Angels' Pawn, and the never-before-published Angels' Dance.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00