$7.50/hr. + Curses

The Necro Files, #1

7.50/hour + Curses is the first book I have read from CL Bledsoe and the first in a series. Now that I’ve finished this book I’m excited to read more by him.

I found the concept of taking a job in a funeral home a great set up for a good series. After all, funeral homes are scary to begin with. Add the paranormal and you have a great urban fantasy read.

I found Daisy, the main character, a good lead. I mean you are thrust into this world rather creepily and she handles it like a pro. We all like our main characters to not flip out and handle what we need them to, and Daisy does this.

The secondary characters are interesting as well. You have the bosses, witches, vampires, and a Johnny Cash lookalike bounty hunter. Pair all of them with memorable action sequences and you have an urban fantasy series that will leave you wanting more.

The Story:

Daisy Janney just wanted to be the typical college student, you know the fun college years when your parents pay for the college and all you have to do is party and make the grade. Yeah wrong, Daisy has to pay for her own school. This means getting a job! But when you can only get a job at a Funeral Home, beggars can't be choosy. As Daisy will find out, sometimes the dead don't stay dead, and humans are not the only beings on this earth.

Necrofiles Series

Book 1- 7.50/hour + Curses

Book 2- Bloody Sexy

Book 3- Tall, Dark and Hairy

Book Blurb for $7.50/hr. + Curses

Ever wonder what happens after the hero kills the monster?

Daisy Janney just wanted to go to college next year like everybody else—get out of her mom’s house, go to some parties, maybe meet some cute guys. But when she finds out she has to pay for it herself, she has no choice but to get a job. Too bad no one wants her, not even the burger joint. Way to feel like a total loser.

Desperate, she takes the only job she can find—at Calvert Funeral Home. Putting makeup on dead people might not be glamorous, but at least dead people don’t complain. Too bad no one told her they wouldn’t always stay dead. Or that they weren’t always people.

One salt-covered, burnt witch later, Daisy finds herself the recipient of an evil curse. She’s got two weeks to figure out how to break it before she’s scheduled for dismemberment by an angry demon. And she hasn’t even gotten her first paycheck yet. She turns to an old boyfriend for help, but with finals coming up, and some weird guy stalking her who looks like Johnny Cash, she’s not sure there’s enough help on the planet for her kind of trouble…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00