The Presence

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The Presence

This book was SOOOO good. Mrs. Graham does a wonderful job of keeping her readers turning the pages and also on their toes. This book has two little stories going on in it. One takes place now and another takes place hundreds of years before. The older story, however, effects to most recent one. There is also another small mystery subplot going on within it. So you will never get bored with this one.

Book Blurb for The Presence

Sometimes closing your eyes doesn't help. . .

Toni MacNally and her friends think they've hit on the ultimate money making plan. Buy an ancient run-down Scottish castle. Turn it into a tourist destination. Sweep visitors into a reenactment that combines fact and fiction, complete with local history, murder and an imaginary laird named Bruce MacNiall.

But when the castle's actual owner - a tall, dark and formidable Scot who shares the fictional laird's name - comes charging in, Toni is shocked. How is it possible he even exists? Toni invented Bruce MacNiall for the performance. . .yet every particle of his being is eerily familiar.

Soon the group is drawn into a real-life murder mystery; young women are being killed, and their bodies dumped nearby. And Toni is having sinister lifelike dreams in which she sees through the eyes of the killer - dreams that suggest a connection to Laird MacNiall. Bruce claims he wants to help catch the murderer. But can Toni trust him. . .especially when his ghostly double wanders the forest in the black of night

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2005 5.00