Willow Creek

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Willow Creek

Willow Creek, Wyoming Territory. It's 1886 and the war of the Cattle Barons against farmers is waging hot. Nicki Chandler is the daughter of a `sodbuster', doing her best to help her ailing father work their patch of farmland. It isn't easy to hold her own in this harsh environment, especially for women, but she has managed well enough and can work as well as any man. In a chance meeting, Nicki meets the man who will change her life forever.

Levi Cantrell is just passing through, having been forced to see the world; he now finds it hard to settle down with his family. He stumbles across a young lad being pushed around by a couple of drunken cowboys and decides to help the poor `kid' out. In the spirit of showing his gratitude, the lad grudgingly invites Levi for dinner. Levi is most puzzled by this boy and plans on giving him some pointers on real manly behavior until he learns that `he' is really a `she'. Finding the situation in Willow Creek a little desperate, Levi decides to stick around and help out. He befriends the grouchy deaf mute, Peter and falls in love with Nicki, despite her singular notions and independent nature.

However trouble brews when Herman Lowell tries to pressure the Chandlers into selling and accuses them of stealing his cattle as well as hogging the water rights. Nicki also finds out some things about her mother with the arrival of her Aunt Emily and her cousin Liana.

With all of this going on, can Levi convince Nicki that their love is true and strong? Will Nicki be able to hold onto her land?

Book Blurb for Willow Creek

Nicki Chandler was too busy fighting natural disasters on her homestead and trying to avert a range war to worry about romance. She was more likely to chase a man off at gunpoint than invite him in to tea. Then a handsome stranger with a mysterious past came looking for a job. In desperate need of a strong back to help with the work, Nicki reluctantly allowed him to stay, completely unprepared for the assault he would make on her heart. Falling in love was the last thing Levi Cantrell expected when he took a job on the tiny homestead. Nicki Chandler ignited longings within him that he couldn’t deny but would she still want him when she found out who he really was?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.00