Un-A-Were of You

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Un-A-Were of You

All Aiden Jacobs wants is a competent secretary. His father, bent on matchmaking in his blunt and tactless fashion, keeps providing him with stunningly beautiful secretaries in the hopes that Aiden would take one as a mate. The only trouble is that they are all stunningly stupid. After firing the latest brainless bimbo, Aiden's father decides to try one more, Cricket Summers. She's a knockout with a brain; exactly what Aiden's looking for. When they hit it off, Rex is very pleased, however there is one large problem. Cricket is allergic to dogs. A humorous situation to be sure, however it's not so humorous when cricket finds out why she keeps sneezing around Aiden.

I love the irony of the situation, and how love manages to conquer allergies. It's certainly makes you wonder what you'd do in a bizarre relationship like that one. I wouldn't mind reading more J.T. Shultz, if her stories are this great. Have a good folks!

Book Blurb for Un-A-Were of You

Alpha is the hottest men’s magazine around. At least in Aiden Jacob’s opinion and by rights it should be, werewolves own it. Aiden has found the picture perfect girl and mate. Her allergy to dogs is a slight issue, but surely with a few antihistamines she can be putty in his paws, right? Cricket Summers is Alpha's new cover model and has a promotion—Despite the glitches. One, her boss is sexier than hell and wants to bed her faster than a girl can say “Big Bad Wolf.” Two, hurt in the past, Cricket is afraid to trust her heart to love again. Aiden makes her want to give into both—right after she stops sneezing. Miniature 30 Pages Hot

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 3.00