Too Late for Romance?

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Too Late for Romance?

Both Gloria and Matt have been burned by marriage and neither of them are too eager to jump in the dating pool. They both have children whom they love to death and are trying desperately to heal the hurts caused by their respective divorces. Gloria worries that she might be becoming sick because of fainting spells, and has yet to inform her children. This makes her wonder if perhaps it is too late for her to fall in love again and experience romance. Matt has problems with his ex-wife who is constantly trying to milk more money out of him, using their daughters as bait. How much longer will she jerk him around?

Matt and Gloria meet when Matt comes to give life to her dying rosebush. The attraction is instant, and slowly their romance blooms, as does her rosebush. I enjoyed the realism in the story, it wasn't all a bed of roses (if you'll excuse the pun) and it pointed out real problems that occur in this day and age when it comes to relationships and romance. Is it ever too late for romance? Do we have to lower our expectations because our ship may have sailed and there might not be another chance? Maybe not.

Book Blurb for Too Late for Romance?


Gloria Amaya wants her rose garden to flourish. She hires a gardener to help her. When she meets Matt, thoughts of her dying rose bushes wilt to the ground. Immediately attracted to him, she kisses him and melts.


Matt Cerda knows everything about gardens as he has been working with plants, flowers and other green living things since he was a little boy. However, when he meets Gloria, he realizes that hers is one garden that needs more than a little tender loving care. And the lady could use it, too.

Matters are complicated when her sons and his daughters get in an uproar with Matt and Gloria in the middle of it. Health issues, job insecurities and phobias cause more difficulties for the couple. Can Gloria and Matt weed through all this baggage and allow their love to blossom?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.00