Time To Keep

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Time To Keep

What starts out as an attempt to lower her BP, ends up as a rather out-of-this-world experience for Star Prescott. She has been sent to a vacation spot in England for people who need to rest and insulate themselves from the frantic chaos of their everyday life, it's a castle called The Keep in the English countryside. In an attempt to relieve her boredom and to distract herself from the frightening lack of contact with the outside world, Star does a little exploring, only to find out that she had fallen into somebody's garden in 1962. That somebody turns out to be Colin Kendall, a British rock idol from a well-known band One River Down. This she realizes almost immediately because her parents were fans of the band and named her after one of their songs. However this tumble through time causes a cosmic rift because Colin Kendall misses a momentous meeting with his future bass player at a wedding he should have attended. Her coming changed history and Star must do whatever it takes to put history back on track, even if it means she will have to give up the man she loves. All the while, her jaunt to the past is weakening her physically so she must hurry.

The story is all right. It's reasonably well written, however I didn't like it much. As silly as it sounds, it seems a little unrealistic that Star would just happen to fall in love with her childhood music idol in the span of two days, even in a time-travel romance. There is no development of relationship; they spent most of the time racing around fixing history, bending their minds around the idea of time-travel and necking. I liked the concept of altering the rift of reality and trying to fit it back together again, as well as how the character Star got sick the longer she stayed in the past.

Book Blurb for Time To Keep

Star Prescott reluctantly takes her doctor’s advice to relax away from her office in a cold dank castle keep in northern England. But when she investigates a strange noise down a dark corridor, she embarks on a journey that changes her forever. The man she encounters seems familiar to her. Has she seen him somewhere before? Star quickly realizes she shouldn’t be in this place or this time, but it’s too late. Her presence has changed things. Now how does she fix the mess she has made and give Colin Kendall the future he deserves? Is there any way to protect her heart, or is it too late for that, as well? Has she fallen in love with a man she shouldn’t even know? Is she out of time with Colin, or will there be Time to Keep?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 2.50