The Way to Olympia

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The Way to Olympia

Olympia and Lucas are on the verge of the find of their lives, personally and professionally. They are after the Statue of Zeus and are slowly piecing together the clues. Tragedy hit Olympia recently with the loss of her parents and her brother, which has left her somewhat alone in the world except for her life-long crush and the family friend Lucas Cole. With her family gone, Olympia feels she must take happiness when she can, because there is no knowing when she might ever find it again, so she is doing her best to push Lucas over the edge and on top of her, but Lucas is resisting her attempts. Lucas has loved Olympia since the first day he met her long ago, in her family's house but was held back by one thing or another. Something is still holding him back. Will they get it together in the end?

The Way to Olympia was an O.K. read, but it was too short to get really hooked. The plot line needed to be developed more. Because it was so short the author was vacillating between an erotic tale and a thriller, then decided to keep a simple romance in the end.

Book Blurb for The Way to Olympia

Two wounded hearts, one ancient mystery, and a love that's more powerful than tragedy

After the tragic murders of her entire family, Olympia Abbott vows to continue their generations-long search for The Statue of Zeus. There are only two problems standing in her way-she's run out of money, and she's lost the willpower to deny her feelings for her long-term research partner, Lucas Cole.

Lucas Cole is no stranger to vows. When his best friend, Troy Abbott, was brutally murdered, he had to swear to keep his hands off Troy's sister. There's only one problem with that-he can't seem to fight his feelings for her any longer. He's wanted her for too long, has loved her even longer.

With the discovery of the Statue of Zeus drawing near, they're both running out of time. Who will make the first move, and what will it cost?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 2.50