The Eternal

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The Eternal

Book Length: Full Length Novel

We have two friends; Jessica and Chelsea, both are practicing Wiccans. Their lives are about to be altered dramatically when they meet a pair of immortal twins, Colin and Shameer. Chased by an evil Warlock, the women must take shelter with the twins who are decidedly strange. A demon witch they spurned when they found out she was playing with their affections cursed Shameer and Colin with eternal life. Shameer is forced to drink the blood of humans and had eternal youth, whereas Colin ages a year in ten and has no choice but to share Shameer’s mind when his brother goes hunting. Jessica falls madly in love for the first time with Shameer and Chelsea with Colin, but it is not all fun and games because the very same demon witch that cursed the twins is resurrected and joins forces with the Warlock. With the help of some other ‘Eternals”, they managed to overcome this evil and find true lasting love in the process.

I liked the story but I found that there were far too many mini stories happening at the same time. I felt the story was a little crowded and it was hard to keep track of the original storyline. Apart from that, it was a good read. I’m interested to know if Tenaryn and Darmetheus are equally felicitous in love.

Book Blurb for The Eternal

Shameer and his brother, Colin never wanted to be heroes. Cursed by a witch, Shameer suffers the bloodlust that only vampires know. His brother suffers a similar, yet different fate. Inducted into a collective known to precious few as The Order of Eternals, they try to use their abilities to protect the innocent. When he happens upon Jessica, Shameer experiences emotions he had long denied himself. Lost in her eyes, he yearns for a fate far different from the one he has accepted. Denying his heart and desires, he vows to walk away from her. But evil watches from the shadows. It creeps ever nearer, waiting for it’s chance to devour and destroy the brothers. Avenging itself on those they love. Soon, they discover themselves fighting not only to find freedom from an old enemy. But also, to hold on to the loves that have been deemed, their destiny.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 2.50