Sex Me In

Triad Series Book 4

Rachana Salura is not too keen on have two mates, one is fine but two seems a bit too much. Being controlled by two dominant males is not her idea of fun. She has been warned, but a more pressing event is underway. The Banarts have invaded G'recio, and are enslaving the women and forcing them to have their children. Rachana is an archeologist and was doing a study there when the Hienal invaders struck. Seeing that she may die soon she performs the spell to bring her mates to her, not expecting it to work. She calls for aid once more, although instead of aid, she is accused of kidnapping the commander of the ship Kel Galbar and Wray Navedis.

Once that issue was cleared up, she still finds herself literally stuck in between two overwhelming dominant men. Will she be able to set aside her fears and allow herself to love Kel and Wray?

Kel and Wray are leaders, but who will be the alpha in this triad? The Tigerian and the Lupin must make sacrifices to win their mate.They must also reassure Rachana and convince her heart is safe with them. At least in time to save the G'recians and join with the other triads to follow the will of the Goddess. They must all come together on G'recio to form a special task, necessary in the war against the Banarts. Time is ticking and everyone must set aside their issues for the good of the universe.

All in all, a good read. A little bit more action in this one- and no, I'm not talking about the sexual kind. The plot is developing nicely, I guess we just have to wait and see how it ends.

Book Blurb for Sex Me In

Rachana Salura, a Carrillian Empath has no use for men. Her life is devoted to finding the Lost Temple of the Lady Goddess, and taking a mate–or two–is not in the cards for her. She casts the spell to bring her mates to her, knowing no one is nearby to hear her call… or so she thinks.

Wray Navedis, a Lupin Chieften and Kel Galbar, a Tigerian Warrior are both responding to an SOS when they are transported off their ships. Now, not only do they find themselves with a mate they hadn’t expected, they are drawn into a battle with the cruel Banart Army and Hienial Slavers.

As the war between good and evil grows closer, the threat to nearby worlds increase. If they are to find the way to defeat their enemy, three strangers must form a bond not only with each other but with the other Triads, as well.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 3.00