Sex Me Down

Triad Series book 2

A real two-fer this one, I enjoyed it very much (who wouldn't really? *grin*). This is the second book of a trilogy, which I presume is leading up to some big, all-out, butt whipping for the bad guys. Invaders from another part of the galaxy are attempting to take over every planet or system they come across. These Banarts can only be thwarted if certain triad alliances are formed (in layman's terms, threesomes), and once formed they will be crucial in the battle itself. This triad is comprised of Laynee Mikalosa, Sayre Raden and Fane Gavaire. Laynee is dismayed when her sister informs her she is the next in line to take two mates, she feels that she lacks the sufficient courage and flare to take on the responsibility of loving two men. After all she hardly leaves her world of Tomes and scribblings, content to stay in her sisters' shadow. Now she must fight her fears and feelings of inadequacy, not just for the future of her peers, but for these two weary souls in need of love.

Sayre is the twin brother of one of Jaynee's mates (Laynee's sister), while he is glad that his brother has found a mate he in turn longs for the same thing. Now that he has been summoned by Laynee, he will do whatever necessary to calm her fears and encourage her to overcome her issues. Even if it means putting up with an ill-tempered Tigerian. Fane is not happy to share any more than Sayre but since he is eager to find a mate, especially this delectable morsel, he is willing to compromise. A good read for those lonely nights with the company of a mug of hot cocoa.

Book Blurb for Sex Me Down

It’s time for Laynee, the second witch of the Carrillian Coven, to call upon her mates. A Savari blood-drinker, a Tigerian Shapeshifter, and a High Priestess of Carrillia must forge an alliance if they are to thwart the Banart Army. Can a shy bookseller find the courage and strength to love two powerful men who have suffered at the hands of their enemies?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 3.00