Dragul Dawn

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Dragul Dawn

This is a good read, I like the sci-fi/ paranormal side of the story. I hope Marie Traenor gets into it more if she does a series.

Basically, due to a devastating nuclear holocaust, most of earth is inhabitable. Some humans have mutated as well, which has resulted in a rift between 'normal' humans and mutated ones. Due to scientific advances, the humans have succeeded in making some parts of earth semi-habitable so both mutants and normals have pitched in to send out one person each to retrieve samples for testing. Beth, from the City of the Damned (mutants), is eager to find good news because everyone is in need of farmland for food. Her partner from the Dome however may have more sinister plans in mind, especially when Beth finds out that the Highlands are not quite as empty as everyone thinks.

The Dragul have been around since the beginning, when the humans took over they retreated far beneath the earth to escape its slow destructions by their hands. Now that the humans had retreated to their sanctuaries after the holocaust, a contingent of the Dragul have decided to take back their place above the earth, to bring it back to its former glory. Aurel Keeper of the Laws is keen to keep the humans from colonizing the highlands, but finds he can't keep away from a certain human.

So it's a tug of war over who gets what, will love and phenomenal sex prevail? I urge you to find out.

Book Blurb for Dragul Dawn

The Dragul are as old as the Earth. Once, they retreated before the ignorant onslaught of men. But now they're back. As the world recovers from nuclear holocaust, two cities vie for the right to colonize the empty Highlands. Beth, a restless scientist from the City of the Damned, is sent to test the environment. When she encounters the living embodiment of her erotic dreams -- a golden, winged man -- her whole life is thrown into confusion. Aurel is the powerful Keeper of the Laws for the rebel Dragul kingdom. He will use any means to prevent colonization, including the sexual disturbance he causes in Beth...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 3.75