Cracked Shadow

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Gina Adams is being followed. She knows it, feels it, but is the only one who sees the stalker. She spent 10 years in a mental health ward being pumped with anti-psychotics and other drugs. For seven years she was kept in a cataleptic state forced by the drugs she was given. After being discovered by Dr. Hillary Simpson, she was slowly weaned off of the drugs and discovered to be a genius. She has almost reached freedom, but she finds herself beset with doubts due to her invisible stalker. Is she imagining it all? Or is she really being followed? Just in case she goes to the police, and meets Detectives Max Renford and Terri Vilnas, who offer to help her.

Max finds himself fascinated with Gina, he finds her analytical skills beyond compare and her perception disconcertingly sharp. Yet no one understands him as well as Gina. Soon they find that Gina's stalker is not on this plain of existence. More stalkers occur, although now Gina refers to them as messengers, because they all have messages to pass onto her.

Terri and Max have troubles themselves as they try and make headway on the case of a cunning and gruesome serial killer who seems to be getting more unstable with every kill. With Gina's help they attempt to apprehend the killer.

Absolutely fabulous suspense with a hint of the paranormal to give it an edge, I enjoyed reading this one very much.

Book Blurb for Cracked Shadow

When a Minneapolis Police Department detective Max Renford walks up to a young girl sitting at the police station, the last thing he expects is to confront haunting memories of a childhood tragedy. The young woman, Gina Adams, confesses that she's being stalked and describes her stalker - a middle-aged woman dressed in 50s clothing and wearing an apron.

A more thorough check of the girl's history reveals that she is the only survivor of a mass murder that left her totally alone as a twelve-year old child. The state placed her in institutionalized care. For years she was forcibly fed powerful psychiatric drug cocktails. It could be the source of her delusions. However, she is the only one who appears to have the power to help Max purge an old tragedy. Such freedom is not without price. A serial killer is terrorizing Minneapolis, and there is a definite link between the killer and the girl's stalker.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.50