Creme Brule Upset

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Creme Brule Upset

Patrice Wilson has been in love with Mike Tucker since. well, forever. Mike has done his best to shake her adoration, but she still loves him. No matter how much of an ass he acts around her. The straw that broke the camels back, however, was when he publicly repudiated her on valentines while wheeling in a cake she made especially for him at a party she catered for herself. Mortified, she decides to put aside her love for him.

Mike Tucker has had the hots for his best friends sister since he hit puberty, horrified by this, he conditions himself to push her away no matter how badly it hurts him. All this culminates at that one party where he finds he's lost her completely. While before he's subsisted on the belief that she'll always love him, now. he finds he's lost that. Devastated and mortified at his unintended callousness, he comes to face his greatest fear. A life without Patrice's love, distanced or otherwise.

Terrified to the depths of his being at this prospect he tries to tear down all the walls he built and shake free of his self-conditioning, with the help of their meddling mothers and the unhelpfulness of their respective friends both Patrice and Mike give it a first and last try for true love.

I enjoyed reading this book; it was humorous and well written. The reader can feel the mutual anguish and frustration between the two main characters and appreciate their dilemma. I have to admit that I loved David, Patrice's best friend and have fantasized about tasting his creations. I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Creme Brule Upset

When Mike Tucker dumps crŠme br–l‚e down chef Patrice Wilson's dress whites, she knows it's time to forget her life-long crush and move on. It isn't until she's no longer speaking to him that Mike realizes he's loved her all along. His just-before-Christmas campaign to win her back involves four nosey parents, three scoops of ice cream, two other suitors and a Don Quixote singing troubadour.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00