All The Way Home

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All The Way Home

After staying away for a long time, Maggie finds herself back in her hometown. After attending the funerals of both parents, one after another, she finds it hard to come back. Even just to visit her sister Melanie. Now, however, Maggie can't avoid coming back. Melanie is pregnant and her husband has run off after hearing the news. He was laid off and couldn't find a job, so the news of having a child scared him spit-less and he just drove off. After attaining her PhD, Maggie is a loss at what to do with herself. Coming back to take care of Melanie is a Godsend in some sense. She's not looking for permanency, just a place to sit back and take a look at her life.

On her way to her sister's a dog finds her, and now she is obliged to take him to the vet. Who should that vet be but her old high school crush and the town bad boy, Sam Callahan? The attraction is immediate between them and sparks go off, but Maggie doesn't do permanent relationships, especially after having her parents as her example, no-sirree.

Sam and Melanie do their level best to convince her otherwise, but Maggie must get rid of her demons on her own. Eventually Melanie's errant husband returns, does that mean Maggie's job is over?

This was a pretty great book; I like how it dealt with small-town mind-sets, in that gently self-mocking way. Also how we try to overcome or past and grow from them, changing how we think and feel about events in our past. Small towns are far more interesting than big cities, in my opinion, the lack of things to do makes you strive to entertain yourself with what you have. Having experienced both, I cherish the sedate way of life one finds in small towns and communities rather than the roller-coaster life found in big cities.

Book Blurb for All The Way Home

Maggie Dean and Sam Callahan grew up in the same town, knew each other in school, admired each other from afar, but never dated. She was just a little too straight and narrow for this bad boy. Now they're all grown up and back in their hometown, she to deal with a family crisis, he to prove that he's changed his ways.

After enduring her parents' loveless marriage and coming home to help her sister pick up the pieces of her broken one, Maggie isn't interested in relationships. Sam Callahan is not only still gorgeous, but he's still available. Neither Maggie nor Sam can deny their attraction but they're still at odds. Can Sam be the one to convince Maggie marriage can work?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.50