Handcuffs and Haints

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Handcuffs and Haints

I loved this book and it definitely is a book I encourage others to buy. It was very well written. The story takes place mainly at a farmhouse. Zoe goes there to get a break and work in peace and quite. She doesn’t want any attachments; she just wants to be left to her work.

The dialogue is very clear. It flowed nicely. The characters motives are very clear. Zoe wants to finish her work and Nick wants to get to know Zoe. Zoe is afraid to let him get too close because she is afraid of commitment.

Deputy Nick Wheeler wasn’t about to leave Zoe on her own with her neighbors. It was normally a peaceful little town, but Nick knew not all of her neighbors were friendly. He feels an intense attraction to Zoe. He keeps himself at a distance, afraid she’ll bolt if he gets too close. Soon Zoe realizes that she needs Nicks help to solve the mystery of all the strange noises at night.

Book Blurb for Handcuffs and Haints

When author Zoe Scott arrives in Applehill, Georgia, she relishes the seclusion of the old farmhouse she has rented, but the first night of peace is shattered by strange noises in the night. Zoe begins to wonder if she should believe in ghosts. Deputy Nick Wheeler answers her frantic, angry call to the police about the noises in the night, and when he comes out to do a report, sparks fly between the hot deputy and the skittish Zoe.

After a break in at the farmhouse, the stakes get higher. Nick decides he will do what it takes to protect Zoe from whoever wants to harm her-- ghost or man. And he'll get the handcuffs out if he has to to keep her safe.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.75